Recently Published Research

Open-Loop Distributed Beamforming Using Wireless Frequency Synchronization
Adaptive Internode Ranging for Coherent Distributed Antenna Arrays
High-Accuracy Localization Using IEEE 802.11 WiFi Legacy Preamble
Interferometric Microwave Radar With a Feedforward Neural Network for Vehicle Speed-Over-Ground Estimation

High Accuracy Adaptive Localization Using SNR-Based Perception for Coherent Distributed Antenna Arrays
High-Accuracy Multi-Node Ranging For Coherent Distributed Antenna Arrays
Decentralized Frequency Synchronization in Distributed Antenna Arrays with Quantized Frequency States and Directed Communications
A Microwave Sensor With Submillimeter Range Accuracy Using Spectrally Sparse Signals
Towards Space-Time Incoherent Transmitter Design for Millimeter-Wave Imaging
Experimental Demonstration and Calibration of a 16-Element Active Incoherent Millimeter-Wave Imaging Array
Joint Detection of Human and Object Motion Using Harmonic Micro-Doppler Radar and Harmonic Tags
Combined Wireless Ranging and Frequency Transfer for Internode Coordination in Open-Loop Coherent Distributed Antenna Arrays

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