ECE 407 Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetics for electrical systems. Signals and spectra. Regulations. Radiated and conducted emissions. Conducted and radiated immunity. Mitigation techniques.

ECE 802 Radar Principles

Electromagnetics of radar, radar range equation, propagation, radar cross section. Radar systems, transmitters, receivers. Radar signal processing, pulse compression, detection and estimation, radar measurement accuracy. Radar imaging, synthetic aperture radar, inverse synthetic aperture radar.

ECE 835 Advanced Electromagnetic Fields and Waves I

Electrostatics, magnetostatics, electrodynamics and Maxwell’s equations. Potential functions. Eigenfunction expansion. Green’s functions. Radiation of EM waves. EM boundary-value problems. TEM waves. Maxwell’s equations with magnetic sources.

ECE 929B Antenna Theory

Antennas and EM scattering. Radiation by currents and surface fields. Equivalence principle. Receiving antennas. Arrays and synthesis. Integral equations. Current and impedance of wire antennas. Slot, aperture and reflector antennas.